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3rd Round finished written by mnemjc, 2008-12-21 23:28 CET (23 comments)

Not a single minute ago, the cup came to an end. Hope everybody enjoyed it.
Thanks again to all who participated and checked-in.

Final Ranking:

Q4WEEKEND the 3rd Round written by mnemjc, 2008-12-14 21:38 CET (8 comments)

Hello again, there will be a third Round of my Quake4 Duel Cup series - Q4 WEEKEND.
The cup is open for everyone, but it will be held at Europe.
As both times before you have to idle at #q4cup at quakenet

* Date: Saturday, 21.12.2008
* Time: 16:00 CET (Check-in is at 15:45 CET)
* Timelimit 15
* Best out of Three
* Double Elimination
* 3rd Map gets decided due to Elimination (Winner's first)

Monsoon [files.filefront.com]
Placebo Effect [truecarnage.com]
Torment [truecarnage.com]
Phrantic (mp/q4cmp3 - included in the 1.4.2 Patch)
Galang 1.2 [godforsaken.net]

You have to be registered at the Cupsite [q4we.tourney.cc].
You'll also need Quake4 1.4.2, Q4max 0.82 [q4max.com] and an IRC client [nnscript.esnation.com], as well as all the maps in the map pool.

As you've may noticed, one map is missing it will be added later. For Suggestions just write a PM/msg at irc.

Second Season finished written by mnemjc, 2008-09-23 23:52 CEST (30 comments)

Today the second Season of the WEEKEND Cup came to an end.
Thanks to all who participated in, thanks to all who've signed up but didn't checked in.


Demos will be uploaded tomorrow.
Feedback is always welcome, you can meet me in #q4cup
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